hey there! I'm Michelle

I'm wife to my college sweetheart, mom to a son and daughter, "grandma" to a couple pitties, and a sports enthusiast - GO LAKERS!!

I don't have a romantic story that lead to my photography journey, and I didn’t earn my degree in Photography. I simply enjoy documenting everyday life, capturing stories, and providing something your family will cherish for a lifetime. I'm pretty laid back, and so are my sessions. I would love to connect with you and create something uniquely special for YOUR family!

I'm getting Certified!

My photography journey has had many twists and turns, hills and valleys along the way. But one thing I found to be consistent is my preference to be that "fly on the wall". I'm certain it's rooted in my introverted personality! I have always enjoyed capturing what others may not necessarily see, or freezing a moment in time, such as a funny gesture, loving glance, or a silly smile. I suppose you can call this "documentary" style photography. Regardless, is there a more amazing event to document than a baby's birth?? I don't think so. This is literally a once in a lifetime event. Sure you can give birth to more than one baby, but EVERY mother will tell you, each baby and each birth is uniquely special.

So, I stumbled across the genre of Birth Photography by accident - I didn't even know it was a thing to be honest. I found it to be a fascinating, and likely, challenging area of photography. I put this idea to the side as I continued on my path at the time. Then out of the blue a friend called to ask if I would be interested in photographing a birth for someone who's Birth Photographer had to cancel out. I saw this to be a sign! Although this particular opportunity didn't come to pass, I decided to move forward in this new direction and signed up for an online course in Birth Photography Certification. Although this is not a state mandated or medical certification for photographers (because there is no such thing), it is a course designed to teach the nuances of how to prepare and what to expect (that is to expect the unexpected) when hired to photograph a birth. This also includes technical instruction for challenging lighting situations, and instructor/peer review of images for quality and consistency. As with any certification, accreditation, degree, etc., this simply demonstrates one's desire to make that extra effort to be the best one can possibly be. That's my plan, that's my goal. I'm excited for this new direction and what the future has for me. I am also excited about becoming a storyteller about Life! What a story to look back on when your "Baby" graduates high school or college, or when they get married and move away, or even when they have a baby of their own! So yeah, I'm excited for the future.

Below is a copy of the Code of Ethics and Conduct that I adhere to as a Birth Photography student and also once officially certified. Feel free to take read and if you have a question, send me a message!