FRESH 48 - Information and FAQ

So, you are having a baby soon...Yayyy and Congratulations!!! Whether you will be a first time parent, or you're a 'vet', having a baby is an incredible experience and I want to help you remember this very special time. I completely understand taking photos just after giving birth may not be your ideal scenario for a photo shoot, but trust me when I will NOT regret it! It is amazing how much a newly born baby changes, literally, from day to day. I want to capture those special early moments with your new baby...learning how to nurse, watching dad change a diaper, or maybe Big Brother and/or Big Sister getting to finally meet their new baby sibling. A Fresh 48 locks in many firsts that you will cherish forever.


What is a Fresh 48 session?

A.A Fresh 48 session is a very special photo session that is taken at your birth location within the first 48 hours of giving birth, and ideally, within the first 24 hours. This is a time when many firsts can be captured, such as mom finally getting the hang of nursing, dad's first diaper change, or the family getting to meet the newest member for the first time. These sessions are relaxed, casual, and designed to capture those feelings of love and wonder as you discover your new baby.

When do I schedule a Fresh 48?

A.It is best to "pencil in" your Fresh 48 session during your 2nd trimester or early into your 3rd. The session date is based on your Due Date, with obvious flexibility. Because of the on-call nature of a Fresh 48 session, scheduling as soon as possible is best.

Who can be present for the Fresh 48 shoot?

A.These sessions are limited to immediate family only, and maybe Grandma and Grandpa. However, many hospitals still have strict visitor policies, so it is best to check with your location to see if there is a limit to the number of people allowed per visit, prior to scheduling a Fresh 48. If visitor limitation is an issue, I also offer “Let’s Go Home!” sessions. Please send me a message to discuss this option further.

How is this different than a Newborn Session?

A.A Fresh 48 captures the "freshness" or newness of just getting to experience your new baby, capturing the physical details that are present for just the first few days, or maybe just hours, and also documenting some of the very early firsts your family may experience such as learning to nurse, change a diaper, or interacting with the newest sibling. Newborn sessions are typically held several days or weeks after the birth of your baby, and can be at your residence or other location.

What does it mean to be 'on-call' for a Fresh 48?

A.Because birth is unpredictable, the exact date and time of your session is not truly known until your baby arrives. For this reason, I have to be available and prepared for your call telling me your baby has arrived. This means, from the time I am officially on-call for your session (from 38 weeks until birth), I need to be available to arrive at your birth location within 48 hours of delivery, so my professional AND personal schedules need to be planned with this on-call status in mind.

Session fees start at $500

* 24/7 on-call from 38 weeks
* Our time together, approximately one hour
* 40+ professionally edited images for personal download w/Print Release
* 8x8 Luxury Photo Album thoughtfully designed by me
* Additional print products available for purchase

$150 retainer due at booking

ready to book or have more questions? send me a message and let's CHAT!

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