Baby Zoe’s Fresh 48 Session

was such an honor and privilege to capture!  Zoe is also Mom and Dad’s first child, which made it extra special!

I met Little Zoe when she was a little more than 10 hours new, and as you can see, she is absolutely beautiful! She even managed to show off a few smiles during our time together. She will surely have Dad wrapped around her little finger in no time!

Despite the perfectness of this little one,

she was not eager to arrive. Mom was admitted at 11:45pm Wednesday night for a scheduled induction, and I did not receive a message until 2:45am Friday morning that Zoe had arrived just about 20 minutes earlier!! WOW - hence the much deserved Super Woman armband given by Dad! And I agree, Mom did amazing and on top of that, look how gorgeous she is just 10 hours after giving birth!

But the wait for Zoe was so worth it.

Mom and Dad are in awe of this precious gift. They were mesmerized by this little being they created, and Dad is IN LOVE with his baby girl. He would not let her go except for feeding, although, he did say if his body could…he would! #girldad 

This Fresh 48 session was only Mom, Dad, and Zoe, due to visitor limitations, but it made for the perfect opportunity to capture the moments and details that can only happen during those first few hours after birth. I invite you to see some of the wonderful memories captured from Zoe’s first day.