So, why did I decide to shoot Lifestyle photography for my newborn sessions?

Well, in the words of one of my favorite photographers, Sandra Coan, because “babies are not tacos”…or burritos, or frogs… LOL. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate the beauty and artistry in newborn photography that captures babies beautifully dressed and placed in an amazingly creative setting, posed in a flower pot, or balled up in a crocheted blanket, looking perfect and angelic.

But for me,

what I remember most as a young mother was watching my baby look around with wonder in their eyes, the quiet moments holding my baby as I was nursing, and even the more chaotic times when big brother was climbing all over me while I was soothing or feeding baby sister.  During my newborn sessions, I try to capture as much of this as possible because this is real life. This is you, your baby, your family.  I capture the sweet moments between new parents and baby and also the crazy antics with the older sibling(s), who perhaps may be a little jealous because he/she is no longer the center of attention.

And if given the opportunity,

I also capture the private moments nursing your baby. These usually turn out to be mom’s favorites because she “feels” what is behind these images.  Even today, over 21 years removed from when my body last fed my child, I look at these images between mother and baby and I am immediately transported to those perfect moments when it was just me and my baby, experiencing something that only the two of us could. This is why I have chosen to photograph candid Lifestyle newborn sessions – to capture those fleeting once in a lifetime moments.    

Take a look below at some of the precious moments with this new family.